SAAICSlovak Academic Association for International Cooperation is a voluntary association of natural persons and legal entities, whose objective is to support and coordinate international co-operation of Slovak universities and other institutions, especially with the European Union countries within the framework of educational and other programmes. 

The Association is working as an information and publicity center assembling and distributing information for universities and other institutions concerning the possibilities of participating in educational and research activities through international programmes.

Legal Status of  the SAAIC

The Slovak Academic Association for International Co-operation is an independent corporate body registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation.

The SAAIC has been established in 1992 and the main purpose of the Association is to:

  • Build up information system about accomplished programmes and about other international activities;
  • Provide information, consulting and advisory services about international educational programmes;
  • Organize national and international seminars and conferences;
  • Publish information materials and promote Slovak education abroad.

The TEMPUS programme was the first activity administrated by the Association from 1992 to 2000. The National TEMPUS Office within SAAIC provided all information for universities in the Slovak Republic in order to prepare projects, it consulted and monitored them. In  1996 – 1998 the Association administrated  the “Phare Multi-Country Cooperation in Higher Education” programme. The main objective of this programme was pre-accession activities in the field of higher education of 13 countries from the Middle and Eastern Europe. SAAIC was the coordinator of this programme.

In 1998-2000 the Association coordinated the “Higher Education-Industry Cooperation” project (a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project). The Association is also participating as a partner in other projects e.g. ESTIA, GUIDENET, Telefonberatung, Berufsbildungsgatlas etc. In addition, the SAAIC has been involved in the international assessment of PHARE projects, run by the Slovak Republic in the framework of Financial Memorandum 1997-1998.

Since 1996 the Association has been managing the European Community action programmes  SOCRATES and LEONARDO da VINCI. Within the SAAIC there has been a national agency established  for preparation, organization and administration of each of the programmes.

The Socrates National Agency administrates all Socrates actions - ERASMUS, COMENIUS, GRUNDTVIG, MINERVA, LINGUA, ARION, EURYDICE, except for NARIC.

The Leonardo da Vinci National Agency administrates all activities related to mobility projects, pilot projects and other types of projects, as well as the National Resource Center (EUROGUIDANCE Center) and CEDEFOP study visits.

Starting 2004 SAAIC has established National structure for the programme Erasmus Mundus and National Contact Point for Tempus programme. The role of both offices is to inform the higher education institutions in the Slovak Republic about the possibilities to participate in the programmes and to give the consultation by preparing the projects.

The Association cooperates with institutions of similar nature in the Slovak Republic, and abroad, especially in the European Union countries. The Association closely cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic as the national authority for both programmes. 

The SAAIC is an associated member of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), which associates almost all institutions dealing with international education in the field of higher education  in Europe (CIMO, DAAD, British Council etc.), in the USA (IIE) and Australia (IDP Education).

The registered office of the SAAIC is in Bratislava.

Contact Address:

Staré grunty 52
842 44 Bratislava 4
Tel: +421 2 6542 4383
Fax: +421 2 6542 4483

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